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We’re bringing solutions to the bargaining table NOW because our patients can’t wait for UW Medicine to finally settle a contract that invests in their care. Short staffing is a crisis, impacting patient care and causing many valuable coworkers to leave Harborview, UWMC-Northwest, and Clinics.

We are the experts in retention — we know why our coworkers leave and what it will take to keep more expertise from walking out the door. UW needs to stop refusing to solve these problems. We have been clear about our priority solutions; it’s time for UW to take action to enact those solutions.

It’s not an accident that UWMC’s profits continue to grow as we work shorter and shorter. While profits look good for administrators vying for bigger paychecks, we know there is a consequence. We see our coworkers leaving due to burnout and short staffing.

UWMC ended fiscal year 2021 with a substantial boost compared to the end of fiscal year 2020. Total profit margin, a measure of UWMC’s overall profitability, was 4.3% compared to 0.1% in the prior year.