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We’re being made to work mandatory overtime due to chronic short staffing, a problem Harborview created well before COVID. Instead of fixing the problem they created, they are actively continuing to violate the law and hold us captive at work. This is unsafe for our patients when we work dangerously long hours. Our trauma patients deserve an imaging department that is staffed and ready to care for them during their moment of need. That’s why UW needs to agree to our plan, including a commitment to following the law.

L&I finds that Harborview Medical Center has violated:
RCW 49.28.140(1) Penalty: $1,000 + 105% = $2,050
RCW 49.28.140(2) Penalty: $1,000 + 105% = $2,050
Total Penalty: = $4,100

RCW 49.28.140 Hours of health care facility employees—Mandatory overtime prohibited
(1) No employee of a health care facility may be required to work overtime. Attempts to compel or force employees to work overtime are contrary to public policy, and any such requirement contained in a contract, agreement, or understanding is void.
(2) The acceptance by any employee of overtime is strictly voluntary, and the refusal of an employee to accept such overtime work is not grounds for discrimination, dismissal, discharge, or any other penalty, threat of reports for discipline, or employment decision adverse to the employee.